Mutton Paya (1Pc)

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Mutton paya! Cook a health broth or throw in some spices to add the Indian zing and turn it into your favourite curry.

From Continental to Indian, you can cook a range of tasty meals for yourself and your family.

Raised consciously keeping in mind the strict specifications to maintain the meat quality,

our expert meat scientists supervise every step to bring the best to your kitchen. Along with superior quality,

we practise safe hygiene to deliver the fresh meat to you. Quite popular amongst our consumers, everyoneÃ?????????Ã????????Ã???????Ã??????Ã?????Ã????Ã???Ã??Ã?¢??s favourite mutton paya order online from Superbasket.

Rest-assured that you are having the finest meat in town. No chemicals, no preservatives or antibiotics, conserved right to maintain finest quality and taste.

From sourcing to delivery we ensure that everything is done in the best temperature maintaining the health of the meat. Packed with health benefits and nutrition,

you can buy mutton paya online clean and juicy from Superbasket. These soft and juicy bones are a treat! 

Mutton Paya (1Pc)

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